Moshe Semenya

Mzansi meet Moshe Semenya, owner of Suits 2 Suits, means wear mobile boutique.

Suits2suit is a brand born from the ideologies of creating empowerment to both men by adorning an individual in high fashion, bold and unique design. Suits2suit is a 
brand that is an extension of the owners own personality, meant to inspire positivity, progressiveness and uncompromising style.
At Suits2suit we believe in a philosophy that, if you look good, you’ll feel great and when you feel amazing, that positive feeling is infectious and this in turn creates a 
paradigm shift in terms of the individuals mind set towards an overall positive outlook. 
Suits was established in 2014 as on of the first mens wear mobile boutique in the South Africa. In Sepedi, when people complement someone who is dress well, they 
say “o suitile” which is translated that your clothes suit you well and that was how the name ‘Suits to suit’ and later Suit2suit came about. The mobile concept was idea 
was created by the owner as a cost effective way to start a clothing store with the high start-up costs of a normal clothing shop.
Our service of bring a shop to the client was a attraction strategy that busy individuals who lack time to go shopping at mall would see as a benefit and convenience.

My mobile boutique allows me to bring unique transitional work pieces (that are also 
stylist approved) right to your driveway. I completely customize the boutique with outfits 
from my inventory that match your style/the style you’re looking for and offer my 
one-on-one styling expertise as you try on each season’s selection of clothes.
We can provide assistance by curating a looks for our clients!
Provide detailed information about a specific product, brand, style, color, material, fit, 
and how to style it
Advise on closet Essentials you should keep in your closet
We can curate styles for your vacation destination or special occasions and business 

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